Jim Gibbons

Chairman & Director

James A. Gibbons, an eminent figure in law, politics, and business, assumes the helm as Director and Chairman of GlobalTech Corp (GLTK), igniting a new era of innovation and growth.

As the visionary force behind JA Gibbons LLC, James spearheads a consultancy renowned for its astute guidance in mineral exploration, energy development, and legal advocacy. His strategic counsel has propelled entities like Walker Mining Co., Pacific Energy and Mining Co., ENEXCO, and Pacific Rural Gas Coop to new heights of success.

A trailblazer in public service, James's illustrious tenure as Governor of Nevada and U.S. Representative for the 2nd Congressional District reflects his unwavering commitment to driving positive change. His distinguished military service further underscores his leadership prowess, earning him 19 service medals for his valor and dedication.

With a Juris Doctor degree in Natural Resources Law and a wealth of experience from the Southwestern University School of Law, James brings unparalleled expertise to his role. His visionary leadership, coupled with a deep understanding of legal intricacies and corporate governance, fuels GlobalTech Corp's journey towards unparalleled success.

As Chairman of GlobalTech Corp, James personifies the spirit of innovation and excellence, orchestrating GLTK towards a future defined by groundbreaking achievements and transformative growth.

James Arthur (“Jim”) Gibbons