Mehdi Al Abduwani


Mehdi Abduwani embodies visionary leadership and strategic acumen, with a career steeped in shaping economic landscapes and driving organizational excellence. A thoroughbred professional in economic planning and corporate governance, Mehdi's journey reflects a relentless pursuit of innovation and impact.

His career spans various leadership roles, including Director General of Development Planning at the Ministry of National Economy and Supreme Council for Planning, Oman, where he demonstrated a knack for unraveling economic complexities and charting pathways for growth and played instrumental role in shaping Oman's economic trajectory. Transitioning seamlessly into the corporate realm, Mehdi assumed the mantle of Chief Executive Officer at the National Ferries Company Oman. Under his stewardship, the company witnessed unprecedented strides in maritime connectivity and operational efficiency, cementing Mehdi's reputation as a transformative leader.

Mehdi's expertise extends beyond boardrooms, resonating with a deep-seated commitment to driving socioeconomic progress. He chaired a number of companies’ boards of directors and sub-board committees. He has been a board member of Oman Telecommunication Company SAOG, Mobile Telecommunication Company (Zain Group / Iraq and Jordan), Oman International Bank, Muscat Insurance Company, National Ferries SAOC and a number of other companies inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman. His strategic foresight, combined with diverse experience and strong academic foundation in economics, positions him as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

With an unwavering dedication to excellence and a penchant for disruptive thinking, Mehdi continues to shape the future of technology investment, driving GLTK's ascent to new heights of success.

Mehdi bin Mohammed Jawad Al Abduwani (Director)